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Chrisann is a wife, mother, stepmother, retired high school teacher, and track coach, who also teaches swimming lessons and does home organizing and decorating consulting. Chrisann started her career at the Philadelphia Museum of Art while attending the University of Pennsylvania, working in the summers, setting up artist exhibits, and giving tours to special guests. She has traveled to all 48 continental US states, Mexico, England, Ireland, and Scotland, and is a member of the Benjamin Franklin Society and several charitable committees.

Chrisann is a breast cancer survivor and hopes her work can continue to raise money for research and advocate for early detection, so women who are diagnosed in their life can live full and productive lives.

Chrisann and her husband also support the United States military. They are a multi-generation military family.  

Chrisann loves to cook, decorate, read, swim, kayak, ski, sail, travel, and spend time with her husband, children, and three dogs. Chrisann is known in the family for her event planning and birthday party bashes, and can make anything from peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a wrestling competition, to foods from all around the world like beef teriyaki, lemon herbed chicken, and pasta bolognese. She specializes in custom party planning, entertaining ideas and makes gift baskets and bags upon request. She also can assist in gift wrapping.

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